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Our customers cover various industries such as automobile and parts, chemical industry, papermaking, rail transit, etc.

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Since its inception, Celtic Lifting Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to lifting specializing in research and development, design, manufacturing and processing, sales as a whole, to provide cost-effective solutions for the safe production of enterprises. Our company ;specializes in production High quality,varieties kinds,many series ,much more specifications electric hoist,chain block,lever block,rigging and lifting complete equipments.Exported to EU, ;Middle East, Southeast Asia, North and South America and other countries and regions. IF you are interested in any of our produ...


Why choose us

Our advantages as below:
1.With 30 years of manufacturing experience, we have provided OEM services to enterprises in 15 countries around the world;
2.We tailor our products to our partners' needs, even for small orders;
3.We offer rationalization proposals and support for our partners according to the local market conditions.

  • Company Strength
  • Business Coverage
  • Technical Support
  • After-sale Service
  • Comprehensive service provider for material handling, lifting and conveying systems

    Baoding Celtic Lifting Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.is a comprehensive service provider dedicated to providing multiple material handling, lifting, and transportation solutions. According to various difficulties encountered in your production, such as assembly, lifting, and material transportation, we provide intelligent production solutions with higher cost performance.

    1. Founded in 2011

    2. Solution Breakthrough 800+

    3. Covering an area of 2000 ㎡

    4. Business network covering the world

  • Acting for major brands to provide you with cost-effective solutions

    Our agent products include: American GORBEL crane system; American ANVER vacuum handling system; Swedish EasyMover booster; Japan KITO chain electric hoist; American KNIGHT pneumatic gravity free crane; Korea KOREA HOIST pneumatic balance crane, pneumatic hoist. Products are widely used in: aircraft manufacturing, railway manufacturing, tire industry, paper industry, machinery industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, home appliance industry, plastic industry, logistics and packaging industry, etc

  • technical support

    We have a high-quality professional team that has been dedicated to providing customers with industrial consulting, design, production, installation, and post maintenance services, as well as sample testing of standard equipment. Provide you with technical support that can improve production efficiency. Just fill out the information in the form below and we will contact you.

  • Comprehensive after-sales service

    We adhere to the highest customer service philosophy, based on material handling, provide high-quality products and personalized services with high added value to customers, promote the continuous growth of the company, and build a win-win platform for manufacturers, third parties, and users. With our development and expansion, we have a high-quality professional team that has been dedicated to providing customers with industrial consulting, design, production, installation, and post maintenance services for a long time. We will provide more product suppliers and customers to build better bridges and create more value and services.

    1. Full range of project services

    2. Product lifetime maintenance service

    3. Rapid response to after-sales service

    4. Other considerate services

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